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TefGel Tikal wingfoil anticorrosion gel

TefGel Tikal wingfoil anticorrosion gel

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Tikal Tef-Gel TK-TG10 is the perfect gel for your wing foil equipment.

Tefgel is a type of maritime gel to prevents corrosion between different metals.
For example, you can easily install stainless steel fittings on aluminum masts. Tikal Tef-Gel also prevents the fastening of nuts to bolts by "cold welding". This sometimes happens with stainless steel, Inconel, or other nickel-containing bolts and nuts. The application of Tef-gel prevents this. The 40% PTFE in TefGel works as a lubricant and an insulator. Since Tef-Gel does not dry out, its nuts can be removed without problems even years later. Tef-Gel therefore always gives an impermeable layer which prevents the formation of galvanic water in (sea) water.

Examples of use:

A bolt and a nut, an aluminum screw, an aluminum rivet.

User Manual :

Use a small brush or plastic spatula to apply a thin layer of Tef-Gel between the two metals and into the drill holes. Make sure that all interfaces between different metals are equipped with TefGel. Also supply bolts, nuts or pop rivets with TefGel. Then mount the fitting and wipe off excess TefGel with white spirit or WD-40.

Contents include :

    10 gram tube

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