SurfScanner shipment details

SurfScanner ships products directly from our suppliers' location.
In general terms, this means our products are ready for delivery as marked in our shop pages.

Delivery times

Delivery from our suppliers to your address usually takes 2 to 5 working days in mainland Europe. This means that if you live on in island, it can take up to 15 working days to receive your products.

Delivery costs

Exact delivery costs are calculated at check-out when you are ready for payment.
At that moment, you will be requested to enter your shipping details and we will be able to calculate the exact costs, based on your location and on the weight of the goods to be delivered.
In general terms, we observe the following shipping costs.

  • Mainland Europe, <3kg total weight of goods: 10 EUR, flat fee
  • Mainland Europe, >10kg total weight of goods: 60 EUR, flat fee

Please contact us if you are willing to explore different shipping options.

Shipping carriers

SurfScanner is based in Belgium and normally all our shipments are handled by BPost. In some cases, we may chose to select another carrier which is more suitable for the type of goods to be delivered.


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