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SlingShot SlingWing 5.5 v3

SlingShot SlingWing 5.5 v3

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Slingshot designed the all-new Slingwing V3 to give you significantly more power per size. Using a smaller wing in the same wind provides the advantages of higher speed and increased control with less weight and drag

Basically more power per square meter. That was the maxim when developing the Slingwing V3. The freedom to be able to fly a smaller wing than before offers numerous practical advantages: a higher speed, as well as easier control and a lower weight of the smaller wing.

By slightly increasing the diameter of the leading edge and strut, the overall construction is even more rigid than its predecessor. The result in massive power for big airs and a pronounced hangtime. At the same time, this modification also ensures a less susceptible profile. Flutter and restlessness are foreign words for the Slingwing V3. Parked on the hip, it floats with you so confidently and steadfastly that you could almost forget your presence. With the use of longer handles, the optimal placement of the hands and thus the trimming of the wing is much smoother. It is hardly necessary to change your grip.

Thanks to the one-pump system, the wing can be inflated very comfortably. An additional outlet valve was placed on the strut so that dismantling also offers maximum convenience. A small batten in the area of ​​the transition between the leading edge and the strut on the upper side of the wing guarantees an outstanding profile in every situation. Turbulence is not to be feared here.

The proven 4 × 4 Canopy Tech material and the numerous reinforcements on the leading edge stand for a particularly high-quality and resistant construction - regardless of whether you use the Slingwing V3 on the water or on land. Like its predecessor, the new one is also equipped with attachment points for a trapezoidal stamp. In this way, even higher speeds, more radical angles against the wind and longer sessions can be achieved.


- The possibility of being able to fly in a smaller wing than before, in less drag and a lower weight of the smaller wing.
- Linear power development and a harmonious flight pattern.
- Longer handles for easier variation of the handle position.
- The one-pump system makes assembly particularly easy.
- Additional outlet valve on the strut for quick dismantling.
- Super robust construction with numerous reinforcements and yet minimal overall weight.

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