How to chose a kitesurfing school

How to chose a kitesurfing school

If you’re looking into kitesurfing then you may be feeling a little intimidated, especially if you’ve seen professional kitesurfing stunts. But with a little bit of learning and a whole lot of practice you will be well on your way to becoming a professional yourself. Therefore, we have broken drown some important things to look for in a kitesurfing school or coach so that you have the best experience possible.


Ensure that they are accredited with the relevant kitesurfing body, this name will change depending on where you are situated in the world. However, it is extremely important to verify their credentials prior to signing up for lessons. An excellent example of a kitesurfing organisation is the International Kitesurfing Organisation or IKO. The main reason for being accredited with a kitesurfing organisation is to certify that not only does this school consist of adequately trained instructors who are using safe equipment, but that they are clued up on the latest methods for kitesurfing to ensure that you get out on the water in the shortest time possible.

The Instructor

Now onto your personally assigned kitesurfing coach, if at all possible before you start your lessons try and arrange a meeting with them or at the very least get some background information on who will be your coach. The coach needs to be able to communicate with you in a language that you have reasonable proficiency in, also be sure that your coach is physically fit and that they are able to assist you in the event of an emergency.

The Course Layout


If you are going with a school, be sure to check out the structure of the course, such as what will you be learning and when is it possible to modify the lessons if you require more time on a particular aspect of the course. In addition, enquire about the size of the group you will be learning with and what is the ratio of learners to kitesurfing instructors. Also, be sure to verify if you will be sharing a kite with any other students while in your class, the more students you share a kite with, the less time you will have to perfect your kitesurfing.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure that the place where you will be learning has a minimal amount of possible obstacles, such as rocks or jetties. Please bear in mind that if you are choosing to take lessons during a peak season for kitesurfing, then the water and the beach will have significantly more crowds than during other times of the year.

Price and duration

Normally the duration of a kitesurfing class should not be less than 6 hours. In 6 hours you will be able to learn the safety measures, basics of navigation and be able to go out and come back.  Don’t get surprised if the price of your kitesurfing course is normally above 300 Euro. This is normal in large part of the European area. In facts, this is not even very expensive because you have to consider the rental of your equipment, insurance and instructor salary. 



These are some very crucial points to keep in mind when considering whether or not to book lessons with a particular kitesurfing school, so now it’s time for you to book your lessons and hit the waves!

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